Thursday, June 2, 2011


I didn't know the word, but I have known the concept since I was small.  When my mother miscarried while my dad was out of town for work, her friend took in seven of us kids for a few days.  What is the appropriate word for a large group of kids?  It is a gaggle of geese, a herd of elephants, a murder of crows.  Maybe it should be a tantrum of kids.  Whatever the word, that is what my siblings and I were.  Yet, someone with two kids of her own took us in that night and selflessly cared for a tantrum of kids while my mother went to the hospital.

The people of Oklahoma display their selflessness on so many occasions.  Baking casseroles at a moment's notice when a friend's family member passes, or giving clothing, water, money, and blood when disaster strikes.  Before the news reporters can grab a poncho and cameraman, the anonymous help is already on the ground and mobilizing troops.

I see this selflessness daily.  It shines when my neighbor returns everyone's garbage bin to the sides of the houses on trash days.  It crescendos when piano students from scores ago return to care for the ailing couple on the corner without children.  And, it whispers when Oklahomies give a smile and a few dollars to any cause with a donation can.  They give cash for the sake of the cause, not the tax write-off.  No, they don't need a receipt.

We are all bound - not by a church, a town, or blood, but by our humanness.  Humanity is still very real, warm, and tangible here.  It will bake for you, mow your lawn, bring your paper to your doorstep, watch your kids, wash your dishes, and sift through the physical and emotional rubble with you.

I was born here.  I should have more of this trait by now.  My hope is that eventually the selflessness of others will seep through my skin, into my veins, and race through my heart.  The electrical current it creates should penetrate the base of my skull, fuse to my brain stem, and become as natural as blinking.  Meanwhile, I make these observations and admire the selflessness in others around me.  I want to learn from the masters surrounding me.

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  1. very nice, i think your doing just fine, you do seem to already have that spark that can catch things and people on fire, your always very careful with your words and you do light up any room ive ever been in with you...